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Right the dreaded availability update, probably the best thing to start this would be to remind people that invites get sent by you at approx. 6 – 8 weeks prior to the wedding, that’s the standard, but then if there are invites to go abroad etc., this will have to be taken into account…

Chillax once you have your stationery organised!

We aim to hand orders over at approximately 10 weeks, now this is all adjustable to your requirements, but this would be the norm! But don’t forget… we need a bit of time on our end lol! For designing, customising, stock etc. etc.… so we ask for your info and guest list etc. 6 weeks prior to that! So really the whole process goes into 5th gear at 16 weeks before the wedding, or 4 months if you’re that way inclined! So as you can see time slips away extremely fast… so for example… someone getting married at the start of June next year, it will be February we will be going full steam… so basically 2020 melts away lol!

As with each and every couple we really want to make sure your stationery is individual and unique… this also takes time, so this doesn’t mean you can happily order at 4 months lol! We need to know what’s happening by then… so this is why most orders are placed a year + ahead of the wedding.

Now I often get messages and mails that go like this…

“I want to order… I’m not getting married till (insert month here) next year… but I don’t know what I want”

In this situation there are a couple of options –

Secure your date for £50 that’s your work slot booked, and then we will keep you organised!

- or -

If you know the format of the invite… so a card, laser cut etc. etc.

we can price it up and then closer to the time tweak the details!

The benefits of ordering early are you get this year’s prices… like each and every business our suppliers can sometimes increase their costs year on year, so this ends up going back up the chain and altering our costs slightly, once you pay a deposit to us… your cost is locked in!

So anyway… enough rambling! check out the below... with this fun key system lol

😀 - The good old this means decent availability... don't lay on your laurels! It fills up fast!

😱 - Pressure is rising! These months are filling fast, so don't leave it much longer!

🤯 - Danger Danger High Voltage! These months have sky rocketed... so if your getting married you need to get in touch now!

😱 October 19

😱 November 19

😀 December 19

🤯 January 20

😀 February 20

😀 March 20

🤯 April 20

🤯 May 20

😱 June 20

😱 July 20

😱 August 20

😱 September 20

😀 October 20

😀 November 20

😀 December 20

and finally 2021! This is a little farther away, but we already have bookings made for the high season times... in these instances, we would definitely recommend just "securing your date" for the £50...

Then you can chill out, chuck some frozen berries in with your pink gin, and get back to planning that mad hen/stag!

So don't hesitate to get in touch! and obviously, as EVERYTHING is handmade here, we do need to manage our "slots" very carefully lol! however we also look at the size of the wedding and volume of the order, so never hesitate to get in touch!

Any questions... pop them over here


if your a social butterfly... pop over and drop us a Facebook message!

. . . . Want us to tell your love story in style... then get in touch! 📸 🥰SC: ryanpatrickd 💻

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