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Should I send a Save the Date?

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

There’s often the argument, are save the date cards necessary?

Here at Ryan Patrick Design we are always mindful of helping you stay within your budget, and not over spend unnecessarily! Weddings are a wonderful occasion and ultimately everyone wants the best day possible!

We have found from working with clients over the years that Save the Dates tend to be sent when you’re in any of the following situations:

You are having your wedding abroad!

Everyone has busy lives, and the sooner they know of your intentions to travel for your big day then the more likely they will be able to attend, allowing planning and saving time!

You have guests coming from abroad!

The same principal as above, if you have friends and family overseas, giving them as much notice as possible is great as it means they are more likely to be in attendance!

The Wedding is a long drive away!

Again the more notice given the more likely to have more of your guests come to celebrate your big day!

Other Weddings!

If a few members of your family and friends circle are getting married in the same year, it’s good to allow your guests as much time to prepare as possible!


If its holiday season, letting your guests know before they book their family holiday!


If you are having a mid-week wedding then it’s good to let people know as they need time to book off work, arrange childcare etc. as often they will need to take more than one day off!

Ultimately a lot of our couples just like sending them to get the excitement going! It gives your guests the tiniest hint of your intentions and really starts the build up to your big day!

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