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Tip #2

Ryan's Wedding Stationery Tip #2

I get it! and am very guilty of it myself! we live in the “insta” generation, we are bombarded daily with images of the “perfect day” these are great, provide tonnes of inspiration, but ultimately set very un-achievable standards!

Try and narrow down the areas and details you like.. set a budget and stick to it!

To give an example, I have lots of couples who show me images of invites, that are totally unnecessary! such as the couple having the small local wedding... wanting to add, maps, directions, accommodation etc... if these aren't necessary then don't add them... they cost more and aren't going to benefit your guests!

Just because you seen it on Pinterest doesn't mean you have to do it lol

We can help by here by doing lots of digging into what you need, asking the right questions and helping to narrow down what it is you "need", and separate it from the expensive "wants"!

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