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I'll love you for Eternity!

If you are familiar with my work, you know know I'm an absolute SUCKER for 3D elements in the wedding invitations. So with this in mind... taking the latest craze for floral, metallic, gold, copper etc etc... I created the Eternity Collection!

Print is great... and the centre of my work... but I think NOTHING beats a bit of texture, relief... something to catch the eye and make it different, unique and memorable!

For this invite I used gold metal wire, formed into a circle! attached to the base card and embellished with stunning handmade blush paper roses!!!

I trimmed the whole thing in metallic gold card, and white pearlised card stock!

I'm just thrilled with how it has turned out... taking the popular wreath idea to a new level!

... Your guest's won't throw this one into a drawer... lol

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