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Ryan's Top Wedding Stationery Tips

Ryan's Wedding Stationery Tip #1

So I come into contact everyday with different misconceptions over wedding stationery, and what is classed as a need, a want etc etc and a load of mistake people make! Now obviously its not one rule for all, but I've been compiling a list of the best tips and tricks to get you through!

"A crash course" if you will!

So tip 1... Everyday I get messages and mails, that read like this...

"How much are these (screenshot of invite)... I need 200"

Weddings are most commonly that size, and don't worry this is thee most common mistake... 200 is the number of people... the largest majority of all guest's will be couples... and require just 1 invite, and there will also be families, with possibly 3 kids etc! so that could pull what you have asked for 5 invites condensed to 1!

This is the very reason that I don't display costings on the website or Facebook or socials... people make this mistake every time, give themselves a heart attack as they multiply the cost by 200 as opposed to the much more realistic approx 100 invites that will be needed!

I'm going to keep these coming, feel free to pop any questions over to us!

Here to help! : )

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