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Inexpensive Wedding Stationery!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Weddings are a pricey affair these days, and try as you may there are some costs that just aren’t avoidable! This does mean compromising (Yes I know that’s a bad word lol) on some elements of your big day, not to get too deep but life is pretty expensive these days in general, so throw in, homes, babies, and expenses sometimes a wedding seems like such a financial hill to climb!

At RP we are so conscious of this, for each and every order, we keep all the costs as low as physically possible! And offer lots of extra free services to help get you the absolute best value for money!


Such as…

*Stress relief- We believe we can really help take the hassle off your hands, you give us some info, and we take it and create something great! Once you’ve submitted all the info we need, the next time to see, it will have magically transformed into a box of ready to send stationery lol

*Free design service! We will work with you to tailor designs and customise them to your colours styles, florals etc etc, (within reason lol) some more elaborate, more specific designs we will chat to you about the options.

*Friendly, helpful, fuss free service! You will usually only be working between a couple of different team members max! So consistent casual fun contact! We don’t do the “kind regards” and “yours sincerely” lol, we like to chat to our couples, at the end of the day we want you to be happy with the final product and we want to get to know you better!

*Free guest names printing! The last thing you’ll want to do is sit down with your bic biro and start writing the guest names onto invites lol, getting it centred and the ridiculous pressure of spelling all those names right! Sure leave it to us! Well match the fonts, your colour choice, and they are laser printed… also known as perfect!

*Addressed envelopes! As if the thought of writing the guest names wasn’t bad enough, imagine writing all those envelopes!!!! Starting to write old uncle Kens address and sitting back to check it out and realise you’ve curved the first line down the envelope lol again, leave it to us, printed perfect, centred, matching coordinating fonts to your invites, and even the little trend kicking off of adding little motifs or florals to the outside, a free way of sprucing up a dull envelope!

*Care, we absolutely LOVE what we do, I know how sad… lol but we genuinely do! Creating these wonderful one off pieces exactly how you want them is so rewarding, and seeing the couple’s faces when they collect their invites is amazing, or getting that message to say they’ve received the special delivery!


Lots of other things affect the cost of an order, we are so so conscious of the numbers of items required, obviously someone coming in for 30 invites may want to spend a little more per invite than someone needing 150! So we work with you to find the best middle ground! Items can be tailored to bring the cost of them down, materials substituted and small subtle changes to help keep an eye on the pennies! Also much like every business the more that you need the better we can do on the overall cost as well so really we can work with you to create inexpensive wedding stationery.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote!

Get in touch via one our our many platforms, and if you try and give as much information in the message we will be able to get your quote made much faster!

Try and include -

*Wedding Date

*Approx. guest numbers

*Items of stationery you’d be keen to get…such as invites order of service, table numbers, table plan, place names etc

*Approx. budget

*Some pictures of the kinds of things you like, these don’t have to be ours, they are only for inspiration

Also if you haven’t given us a budget we will price what you have asked us too, but that doesn’t have to be black and white, as we say to everyone, if its more than you want to spend… just say and we will discuss alternatives… that’s the beauty of our little company, everything is handmade from scratch so we can totally customise! : )

Drop us a message via Facebook!

Or pop us over an email!

Or use our contact form right here! As in click this sentence… and as if by magic it will take you to the form lol!

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