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Our Nuala's invites lol!

One of the hardest things to do here at RP is to design for someone I know lol... but not just that, a very dear friend... and worse again... she used to work here! 🙈

... however when Nuala Mc Laughlin & Seamy Deans & I got together... we created something that I think you'll agree is totally unique and I'm just so so happy with it! Even better I got one!!!! lol, so I'm excited to be attending that later on next month! this is just a little shot of it... the proper album will be up later tonight!

Show it some LOVE! 💖 make sure and "like" my page! 👍 and Share with all you family & friends! . . . . . Want us to tell your love story in style... then get in touch! 📸 💻

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