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The 5 Most Effective Ways to complete your table plan!

Table Plans! What a nightmare!!!

No matter how big your wedding is there is always a sickening feeling of dread when it comes to arranging the seating!

Who speaks to who?
Who likes who?
Who is partnered with who?
Who wants to site beside who?

The list of questions go on!

So we’ve put together the top 5 ways to arrange your tables and guests that should make life a lot easier!

1 "Don't pick up the phone, you know he's only calling cause he's drunk and alone..." ooops sorry lol! that's not right!

Lets try this again!

#Step 1! Get your RSVP’s in! In this day and age of social media etc. the paper/card RSVP is dying out! Don’t be opposed to accepting RSVP’S by Facebook, text, phone call… and occasionally snapchat… some people might cringe at the thought of this but weddings no matter the style are becoming generally more of a casual affair, take the answer whatever way you get it… better than someone arriving on the day who you didn’t know was coming.

#Step 2! You will offend someone, so stop trying to please everyone! Somebody somewhere in that room will be unhappy, should their ex be in their eye line, or they aren’t sitting beside their best friend… or they think they are too far down the room, some people just can’t be pleased so don’t try too hard to! The sooner you drop this barrier the easier it will become!

#Step 3! Don’t be afraid to get crafty, the best advise we can give here at RP Design is to break it down, don’t complete the table plan on a computer, print out everyone’s names and cut them apart… lay our table 1, 2, 3 etc. on a large table and then you can easily move and rejig people around without too much mess this is a really really quick and easy way to getting everyone in their place. The reason we say avoid the computer at this stage is because with copy and paste people may be on the table plan twice… in a larger wedding of 150 guests this is extremely difficult to spot. We have received table plans to our email with some guests appearing up to 4 times… so stick to a bit of arts and crafts to begin with, then type it up when you’re done!

#Step 4! It will likely have mistakes! We arrange with our couples to do it as close to the wedding as possible, but in all honestly even the day before might be too early. Guests change all the time, trust us! We know from experience! Don’t sweat it! If someone pulls out and are still on the table plan it can’t be helped! Everyone wants everything perfect but unless you plan to complete your table plan that morning in your wedding dress/suit then don’t worry too much about it!

#Step 5! You’re done! The table plan is only for the meal after all, most guests at most weddings will mingle as you move through the day towards the evening reception.

If you haven’t thought about your table plan get in touch now and one of the team will be happy to help!

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