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There's a little more to it than you think...

You've booked all the major bits of your dream day... Venue... photographer... etc, you've chosen the absolute PERFECT dress! ... What next?... THE LULL! lol, I often chat to couples about the lull, there's this FAB big buzz of excitement and then it all falls flat... time to kill... until the last big run up!

This might prove an interesting read...

This is the time to get your stationery sorted! We book up fast, and with everything being handmade we have to allow plenty of time to create your unique stationery! So if you are getting married in 2020/2021, why not secure your wedding date with us for a small deposit, so you can chillax, knowing its all booked!

Not to oversell it, but wedding stationery, more than often falls to the last minute pile when it comes to planning a wedding... but here are a couple of reasons why it shouldn't! (CHEEEEESE ALERT)

*It's the FIRST taste your guests will get of your big day! so set the tone with a beautiful bespoke stationery suite!

*It kicks off the excitement for the big day! More often than not, people are asked to quite a lot of weddings a year... so make yours stand out, by catching their attention with your invite!

*Think about the "guest journey!" this is a really cheesy one lol! but essentially, you choose, dresses, suits, venues, flowers, bands etc, but stationery is an excellent way to add a bit of continuity to your big day! Not THEME, continuity lol! The invite being the first taste... moving onto the order of service at the ceremony, then to the table plan as they enter the reception, to the finishing touches at the table!

*Don't undersell the stationery! more often than not, couples spend thousands and thousands of pounds on their big day! but sometimes you can barely see where? here's some food for thought...

-The invite spends weeks on a fireplace being admired!

-The order of service is what they have in their hands while they wait for your fashionably late entrance! lol

-The table plan, is fought over to get looked at to see who is sitting beside who?

-The place names, favours, table names/numbers are staring them in the face through the entire reception!

So stationery can work wonders in tying together all your ideas and inspirations for your dream day!

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