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Top 5 wedding stationery mistakes that couples make!

Updated: May 1, 2019

... and what we do here at RP to make sure you’re not 1 on them!

I’ve been at this now for quite some years, and as most of you who have worked with me, will know I’m quite "to the point" when it comes to organising your stationery for you big day so much so I’m often referred to as the "anti-wedding supplier" lol so here are my top points of what to do/not to do, to avoid any stationery misshaps!

1 – Don’t underestimate the timing!

We book up well in advance, and as everything is handmade and not just ordered in, we need plenty of time to work with you to perfect the design and get organised! We recommend up to a year before the big day, just to be safe! especially if it’s a high season wedding like summer time!

- We can help here by letting you "Secure your date" for a small deposit, taking away any stress or worry about us booking up!

2 – Don’t over spend!

I get it, we live in the “insta” generation, we are bombarded daily with images of the “perfect day” these are great, provide tonnes of inspiration, but ultimately set very unachievable standards! Try and narrow down the areas and details you like.. set a budget and stick to it! To give an example, I have lots of couples who show me images of invites, that are totally unnecessary! such as the couple having the small local wedding... wanting to add, maps, directions, accommodation etc... if these aren't necessary then don't add them... they cost more and aren't going to benefit your guests! Just because you seen it on Pinterest doesn't mean you have to do it lol

- We can help by doing lots of digging into what you need, asking the right questions and helping to narrow down what it is you need, and separate it from the expensive wants!

3 - Get the numbers right!

We get this 20 times a day... I need 150 invitations... how much are these... we quote it up and the couple have a small panic attack at the cost... little more questioning... it's 150 people... so this means its closer to 75 invitations! Believe me its an easy mistake to make! thats exactly why we are on hand to help guide you to make the right decisions!

This also applies to other items of stationery... such as order of service... using the same example, I have couples asking for 160 - 170 order of service booklets... thats just madness, and totally unnecessary! You won't get 100% attendance to the big day, and you need to take into account, families and kids, so a more realistic number would be 60!

4 - Don't underestimate the importance of your stationery!

Im not about to sit here and type that its the most important thing! but it is up there! Say yes to the dress, get the amazing venue, brilliant band etc... but these things need linking, I hate using the word theme! I don't mean your wedding needs a theme but you can use the stationery to tie the "guest journey" together!

They receive their invite... setting the tone of the big day!

Next the order of service at the ceremony!

Next the table plan as they enter the reception!

Finally the place names and table numbers, that they will be staring at for most of the evening (do you want to use that lovely printer paper version offered by your hotel?)

5 - Don't think it's going to be crazy expensive!

Out of the 100's of consultations I've done over the years, 99% of my couples have been genuinely shocked and surprised by how reasonable the costs are! and there are no half measures here at RP... we work with you to perfect the stationery, we print all the guest names and addresses, and our key focus is taking the stress out of your hands, even down to things like "on the day items" handing you your place names, all sorted, checked off and arranged by table!

So thats it in a nutshell! thanks so much for reading, I hope this has been helpful and gave you some food for thought! In general I think most couples don't realise how much there is too the stationery! and ultimately spend more time chatting to us than any other supplier for their big day!

So if you are interested... have a question... would like a quote...

Then pop me a mail here

Important things to include...

  • Wedding date

  • Approximate numbers

  • Items of stationery that you are interested in (e.g invites, order of service, table plans, table numbers, place names)

  • a budget... if you have one(thats a tricky one as most people don't know what to spend, so even let me price it up and we can then adjust it up or down depending on how you feel about the cost)

  • Some images of stationery you like(It doesn't have to be ours, but it will give us a good idea of what you like!)

Sure drop us a message, what harm can it do, we can quote you up, and if you like what you hear... we can get started!

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