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Stationery lesson in progress!

Did you know this...?

Seen a design you love? but its not in the right format? We can adjust any design to suit any format, its the great thing about working with RP Design! Some couples LOVE laser cut invites... some couples need to provide loads of information for their guests... so opt for a pocket-fold, so its entirely up to you!

The main formats available would be:

📍 Simply Stylish version - Straightforward, simple 1 layer card!

📍 Layered Card - Similar to the Simply version, but the cover is trimmed in whatever you want, pearl card, glitter, metallic?

📍 Flat Card - These are exactly what they sound like, flat cards, maybe multiple cards, information & RSVP, these are usually finished with a bow, or a band of different finishes!

📍 Laser cut Invitations - A wide variety of these intricate cut out pockets are available, again usually finished with a ribbon or band, or if your feeling frisky... a gorgeous bit of sparkle in the form or a jewel or embellishment!

📍 Pocket-fold - These wallet style invites are available in a massive variety of shapes sizes and pocket combinations, but are excellent at containing a large amount of information for your guests, in the form of slips!

📍 Cheque Book - Is what it says on the tin, here at RP we tend to stagger the slips back, as you'll see from the pic below... to allow your guests to see what each slip has, but these are also a great way of sending lots of info to your guests, but the added bonus of no "loose" slips, everything is neatly contained in a little booklet format!

So essentially, if you see something you like, be it online, google, pinterest etc etc, but like most of our couples have a FAV format/style... then get in touch, we can translate your ideas to whatever suits you best!

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