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What ever it takes... 🤜🏻

Anyone who knows me know how obsessed I am with Marvel... I’m quite literally the boy who never grew up!

So after I came down from watching the epic movie.. I just couldn’t stop myself from creating this little bespoke piece!

I know the sheer majority of ”engaged” out there would hate it... but if you listen... very carefully... you hear some desperate Marvel fans whisper PLEASE! Lol

So I began by creating the cover, a mixture of the dusted A... and Avengers fonts... trimming in a gorgeous metallic gold to make it catch the light! trimmed again, in a nice Thanos purple and onto a navy pearlised base card!

Flip it open to reveal the Endgame movie poster printed on thick vellum, used as an overlay to the slick black and white insert... sporting the silhouettes of the original 6!

Hope you guys enjoy...

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